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Hello you beautiful soul!  I've moved. Someday I'll magic this domain into something fresh, but for now please find me at  
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Want more LIFE in your life?

Want more LIFE in your life? Less autopilot, more on purpose? Less borrowing someone else's success formula that doesn't quite fit, more living out what's really important to YOU? 1:1 coaching can help you create that transformation. Interested? Email me at for a free discovery session. If you like the idea, but feel weird working with me (because we are friends, or family, or exes, or what-have-you), no sweat! I have the most lovely network of coaches to connect you to.

Transitions: A Starting Place

When you are right inside a transition, in that stage where you might have only just begun to recognize shifts around you, particularly in a transition that doesn’t quite fit into any category of transition you’ve experienced before, it can just feel like a murky, unformed abyss disconnected to anything. If it isn’t a traditional transition (got married, lost a job, new diagnosis) it may even take time to recognize it as a transition to start with. Not yet being able to name it or explain it is SUCH an uncomfortable place to be in. It can feel next level impossible to make it clear to anyone else, let alone yourself, exactly why you are feeling drained, incapable of doing things like you used to, out of sorts for unknown reasons. And the naming and clarity of what kind of transition it is and will be in your life may be a slow, long process. What can help when it all feels murky? First, it may be empowering to simply note that you are in a transition. You may not know what you are tran

Life is in the Transitions

I recently read   Life Is In The Transitions , by Bruce Feiler. It’s a few years old. I first learned about it through Nancy Davis Kho’s Midlife Mixtape  podcast and got so much from that episode. Sometimes, you get everything you need from a book in a good podcast interview. But I’m so glad I went on to read this, particularly now as I’ve fallen in love with coaching people in and through transitions. The book is such an enjoyable read, full of inspiring stories of hundreds of people and the changes they’ve been through, and the meaning they made from those changes.     Some big highlights for me in the book were all the ways the author debunked the idea of linearity when it comes to change. It pushed my thinking beyond Erickson’s stages of development. Quite frankly, I used to find a lot of comfort in the thought of life being so neatly organized, even if my own never matched that. It highlighted just how often we are in some form of a transition, and how much longer these last than

Books Are Life

This week I’ve been thinking about how our lives are books we are writing as we live them. At first I imagined one big book for our stories. But I’m wondering if it’s more like our lives are several, or many books. Perhaps there is one for each decade of life? Or one for each epoch, and a significant transition point kicks off the next one? I’m still working out the metaphor.  But particularly I’m learning that each book may have a different set of values that drive us or define what is important for us in each book. And some of these values may carry through each book, but some are only for one particular one. What was super important to me in my twenties are not the same things in my now forties.  So it’s helpful to pause in the book of your life you now find yourself in and ask what are my values now? Are they actually mine, or did I inherit them from someone/somewhere? Are the values I’ve listed in the past still what I’m super passionate about? We can evolve and grow, and so can o

Coaching Invitation

What would you like the next chapter of your life to look like? Feel like? Create? I have been gathering myself -- my experience as a writer, a developer of people, a person passionate about growth, authenticity, and joy -- and I'm beginning a new chapter of life as a COACH. I want to partner with people who want to grow and create meaningful lives for themselves and others. I bring humor, warmth, and a no-pretenses approach to my coaching (as well as extensive training through an ICF-credentialed coaching certification program through IPEC, or the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). Interested in finding out if coaching would help YOU write that next chapter? Message me here or at to set up a free 45 minute call or zoom to explore the possibilities.