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Iceland Report Part IV: Audio/Visual Club Style

I completely missed experiencing Iceland's music scene while I was there (next time), but that didn't stop me from taking in a fair amount of sound experience.  Sharing my Flickr files here for those who'd like to hear Iceland: Snowy church bells & swimming ducks Night geese The bus Gullfoss Waterfall Tour bus sights and sounds And for one last visual trick, set the slideshow to Fast for a drive-by of Iceland .  I imagine this like an old flip book (and if you know of some technology that would do that for me, please let me know! I'd love to use it).  Needs some Sigur Rós playing in the background for maximum effect. Steamy And if for some reason you're shouting to yourself, "I must see every picture!!!" (which means you're probably related to me), have at 'em: Part One Part Two (I've made the photo titles into the description, for easier viewing) Thank you for attending this meeting of the audio

The Iceland Report Part III: Reading in Iceland

Iceland has been described as a photographer's dream, what with it's shifting light, moody skies and uniquely vast terrain.  It's also a reader's dream. Icelanders highly value their literature, beginning with their sagas and continuing through the literary scene today.  I got the impression that many people have jobs, and in addition to their jobs, are artists.  There don't seem to be too many full-time writers, which is often lauded as the ultimate way to be a writer, proving that you are truly committed and you've made it enough to survive without the workaday world.  That didn't seem to be the case there. Rather, there seemed an appealing balance of work and art, perhaps derived from the fact that a smaller population means less competition.  My impression was that people created art less from a need to profit from it, as they already had jobs.  Jobs that did not involve working excessive hours, and did not always have to be full-time because their tax