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Transitions: A Starting Place

When you are right inside a transition, in that stage where you might have only just begun to recognize shifts around you, particularly in a transition that doesn’t quite fit into any category of transition you’ve experienced before, it can just feel like a murky, unformed abyss disconnected to anything. If it isn’t a traditional transition (got married, lost a job, new diagnosis) it may even take time to recognize it as a transition to start with. Not yet being able to name it or explain it is SUCH an uncomfortable place to be in. It can feel next level impossible to make it clear to anyone else, let alone yourself, exactly why you are feeling drained, incapable of doing things like you used to, out of sorts for unknown reasons. And the naming and clarity of what kind of transition it is and will be in your life may be a slow, long process. What can help when it all feels murky? First, it may be empowering to simply note that you are in a transition. You may not know what you are tran