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Evelyn Marie Rice, 15 years later

Today marks the 15 year anniversary of my mother’s death.   After struggling for 7 ½ years with chronic progressive Multiple Sclerosis, she passed away.   Being that it is now 15 years hence, that’s actually twice as long as the length of her illness.   But illnesses are the kind of sprawling reality that takes up more time and space than actual time and space.   And it really doesn’t seem to matter how much time passes, there is still a void of mom.   She was far from perfect, and actually really resented when people tried to portray her as a suffering saint when she felt more suffering than sainthood.   But she was wonderful.   She was creative and funny and embarrassing in the way mothers should be.   She cared so much, I am still trying to learn the courage it takes to show how much you care about things.   She made goofy dinners like chili boats, which consisted of Fritos floating atop chili.   They were awesome, and I will be making that for lunch.   She handmade the