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Showing posts from January 15, 2023

On Why We Don't Integrate More

The recording of my thoughts about THE GREAT INTEGRATION has taken so much longer than planned. The three weeks of winter break didn’t leave mental space or time to write reflectively. It rarely left time to hold a thought long enough between requests for snacks or play time. That’s okay. Those three weeks were important for different reasons. But now, my attention span is returning. And I want to talk about why we often DON’T self-integrate. Or at least, why I haven’t. I’m slow to thinking, processing, writing. But even slower to sharing. My introvert self can find it one step too far to also have to talk about what I’m thinking about, even if I’m often thinking in social media post-style. I’ll think: oh! I want to share this! But often something else is needed from me at that moment and when time does again become available, I’m tired. And the idea of thoughtfully articulating what I originally meant to say is very easy to dismiss as no longer necessary. the ginkgos of 2022 were exc