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Transition interview with Myself

It is my intention to interview fascinating people & have them tell me about either current or significant change they've lived through, how they've navigated changes in their life, what they would do differently next time and what they learned from it all. So! I thought I better begin with me, since it might seem otherwise rude to ask people to open up here on questions I haven't answered yet myself.  I always love when interviews in magazines begin by describing where the interview was held and how the interviewee looked.  So it begins... Me #1 (the interviewer): Thank you for meeting me here in the kitchen. Me #2 (the interviewee): No sweat, only it's more than a kitchen you know.  It also houses my "office," and the "dining room." Me #1: Have you lived the studio for a while? Me #2:  Oh, about as long as you have.  Five years and a couple weeks to be exact. Me #1:  That's a long time. Me #2:  Yeah, it's actually the longest I&