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Reykjavík Street Art

I'll wrap up my last post about my trip soon, but in the meantime I want to share some of the fabulous street art of  Reykjavík that my brain feasted on during my 24 hours there. These murals inspire.  Flying unicorns and rainbows! That pretty much sums up how I feel about Iceland. Dan getting the side eye This doppelganger asshat tagged half of the city I love this one - check out the wolf in wolf's clothing Even the temporary siding became art, complete with an active volcano and robot eye beams destroying the city I don't have to understand it to love it The lighting is perfect The ultimate fist pump Even the storefronts get their art on This one by  Skiltamálun Reykjavíkur is another favorite Hope you enjoyed! And a special shout out to all those in this world who are building beauty in it through your street art: you make a real impact and I hope you keep doing what you're doing.

The 2018 Iceland Report: Part II

T he adventure continues... Day Four: Akureyri to Ekra Cottage/  Lagarfljótsvirkjun (via Myvatn Nature Baths) We began the morning in "old town" Akureyri, which turns out is not that old. And as none of the museums were open (what with being the dead of winter and anytime before 1pm), and all the hustle and bustle of civilization after our night on Grimsey was making me twitchy, we resumed our journey into wide open, unpopulated spaces.   Images from Akureyri: I don't know what's happening here but I like it Nonni's house, circa 1850. The author (statue below) wrote children's books about his childhood in Iceland. Our four/five-ish hour drive to that night's accommodations was happily bifurcated with a stop at the  Myvatn Nature Baths . They were running a funny special: Dan got in for half-off just for being a man. I found out many days later that it was Husband's day (Wife's day is in February), which slightly abated