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Showing posts from December 30, 2012

The Journey of a Story

This year has an exciting beginning to it for me: my short story, For George , was published and is appearing now at PIF MAGAZINE .  I love Pif, and the good people who make it the beautiful work of art that it is, and I really, really, REALLY wanted this story to get published, so it is deeply satisfying to see it out in the world. Especially because it took nine years. For George--originally and generically just called The Basement--and I have been together a while.  So long in fact, that I feel compelled to tell the story of its journey, to celebrate its leap out of the desk drawer. In 2003, having just finished seminary, I started taking my writing seriously.  For the first time in my life I felt the first stirrings of what I actually wanted to do, rather than carrying around an idea of what I thought I should be doing.  The fact that at the time I didn't know any writers, didn't know a single soul with an MFA, helped me trust that the image forming in my mind of what