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New Year, New Desk

 One of my new year's resolutions was to finally acquire an ergonomic desk and chair. My sweet, adorable, International Orange (the official color of Golden Gate Bridge) desk  and wooden kitchen chair were precious but my ever-aging body that regularly hoists a 35-pound toddler about gave notice.  OLD NEW I wrote my old desk a love letter, and set it out on the  street for swift adoption. My new desk is glorious. We have a lot of goodness ahead together, I can tell. More words, less back pain. LOVE LETTER TO MY ORANGE DESK We have been together for more than ten years. You arrived, used, in Tiffany blue. I shellacked you in International Orange, the official color of the Golden Gate Bridge.  You helped me write entire novels. I finished High Turnover with you. Started and finished Invincible People. And started and nearly finished The Clinic with you. Novels still waiting to find their place in the world, but that is not your fault. I clocked countless journal hours, blog posts, so