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Showing posts from March 26, 2023

Books Are Life

This week I’ve been thinking about how our lives are books we are writing as we live them. At first I imagined one big book for our stories. But I’m wondering if it’s more like our lives are several, or many books. Perhaps there is one for each decade of life? Or one for each epoch, and a significant transition point kicks off the next one? I’m still working out the metaphor.  But particularly I’m learning that each book may have a different set of values that drive us or define what is important for us in each book. And some of these values may carry through each book, but some are only for one particular one. What was super important to me in my twenties are not the same things in my now forties.  So it’s helpful to pause in the book of your life you now find yourself in and ask what are my values now? Are they actually mine, or did I inherit them from someone/somewhere? Are the values I’ve listed in the past still what I’m super passionate about? We can evolve and grow, and so can o