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An ABC project of your own making...

I had so much fun creating the ABC's of Pandemic Parenting . It combined a few challenges for me: write multiple pieces of flash nonfiction several times a week (a new form for me), use a personally selected constraint in order to jumpstart my thought process (read: create my own prompt because I am generally allergic to writing prompts), a clear beginning and endpoint (there are only 26 characters in the alphabet I leveraged), and some great animal artwork by Eric Carle (pure bonus).  tiny scene from my life #1: Clue on rug Interested in creating your own ABC project? Or, maybe a better question would be, What writing assignment could you craft for yourself to unleash creativity and joy? Some elements you could consider: Take something, anything, and make it your jumping off place. For me, that was Eric Carle's ABC book. It was handy, lovely, and felt appropriate as a symbol for both how small and specific my world was in the moment I was writing about it. You don't need

Available NOW!

 Welcome to the world little book!! With great big gratitude to Beatrix, for the perpetual inspiration of rants and reflections, and Nathan Grover, for the gorgeous book design and helping make sure I got this book into the world.  A portion of the proceeds go to support Voices of Children , an NGO providing psychological help and art therapy to children affected by war in Ukraine.  Link to purchase HERE! bonus squeeze from Beatrix